does this sound like you?

You're ready to take the next step in your healing journey but you aren't sure where to start.

If you are struggling with grief or loss, I can help.

I understand how hard it can be when faced with such an immense loss. That’s why my mission is to help those facing motherloss find peace in their hearts by providing helpful tools, resources, and most importantly compassionate listening and understanding during this difficult time in their lives.

Does This Feel Familiar?

This is all totally a normative response to grief and loss.

Schedule a complimentary discovery call today for more information! I will answer all of your questions about my services so that you know what kind of help I can offer during this difficult time – no pressure, just pure compassion from me.

Hi, I'm Amy

I am an executive, substance abuse counselor by training, a trauma survivor, dancer, mother, and motherless. I bring my years of working as an executive and counselor to my skills as a motherless daughter and mother to provide you the tools that have helped me succeed in my grief journey.  I am here to help you learn how to navigate through your grief, reclaim your joy and create a life that is fulfilling and meaningful in the face of loss. 

Together, we will uncover the unique expressions of your grief and explore strategies for honoring it with respect and compassion. You will learn how to build resilience in order to heal from the hurt, reestablish your independence, and ultimately thrive in the face of loss. I look forward to walking with you on this journey. Let’s begin!

Frequently Asked Questions

How does this work?

We will meet on Zoom or Telephone. Sessions are 1-hour in length.

How many sessions will I need?

Sessions can vary per individual. All sessions are customized to your situation. We will come up with a plan to address your unique circumstance.

What do we do in the sessions?

Loss and grief look different to everyone. My coaching will help you navigate your grief, create new habits and rituals, learn how to honor your loved one’s legacy, and reach gratitude through your journey.

How is this different from Therapy?

Grief coaching is future focused, where therapy is past focused. Major changes can take place in a relatively short amount of time with coaching when therapy is a longer-term commitment for realizing insights or change. Coaching helps a client honor a loved one where a therapist seeks to heal medical disorders. A coach allows the client to determine objectives based on how they want to feel and their goals, whereas a therapist determines the objectives based on diagnosis. Therapy when done alongside coaching is a good therapeutic combination for navigating one’s grief.